Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Andrew Schoultz hits Arrow magazine

With his work covering walls on streets and alleyways around San Francisco, Andrew Schoultz has been painting murals for the past several years like it was going out of style. He painted so many in fact that I was surprised to learn that some of my favorites were painted by him years ago. Andrew has also created art and painted murals all across the country and at times outside of the US. Sometimes working alone, sometimes collaborating with other heavy hitters of the mural and art world.

But what I'm really stoked about is that he's featured in the latest issue of Arrow magazine:

And I'm extra stoked about the publisher printing one his paintings, Bursting Illuminati Slaveship (pg. 34), that Mona and I purchased, last year:

Andrew is currently exhibiting in a solo show at Taylor de Cordoba Gallery in Los Angeles. To learn more about him and his work, click the Andrew Schoultz link on the side panel.


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