Thursday, June 12, 2008

Scion Installation Art Tour: 'It's A Beautiful World' : Collages

Tim McCormick. Born in 1969, Los Angeles, California. lives and works in San Diego.

Tim McCormick brings to his work a unique perspective on issues of fame, pop culture, and self. Perceptions of suburban banality set against the surreal backdrop of Hollywood as well as the influence of San Diego's early surf and skateboard subculture. With a self-taught methodology McCormick currently exhibits in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and throughout the greater U.S.

"My life is an experiment, and my paintings a journal of my daily life. In Spirit my work is a combination of surrealism and figurative expressionism, through those core principles, honest introspection, and an improvisational working process, I paint the images that tug at my subconscious, Each finished painting adds a small part to the whole, and slowly I attempt make sense of the world to myself. Through endless painting, I let these bits and pieces of myself grind and churn against each other, swaying in and out off focus until the message becomes visible. I then can step back and observe myself and those moments of my internal life. This simple reason is why I started painting and will continue to paint for the rest of my life".

Mel Kadel is an artist from the Pennsylvania suburbs, living in Los Angeles for the last 8 years. Mel creates loosely narrative ink drawings using found paper, tiny pens, q-tips and glue. Her drawings have been exhibited widely across the U.S. and abroad. Mel has also been involved in commercial projects for Volcom, Foundation Skateboards, and various bands including Silversun Pickups "Pikul" album. She is represented by the Richard Heller Gallery.

R. Grimes was born in 1974 in Columbia, South Carolina. He spent his childhood in the Florida Keys. During his teen years, Grimes got into skateboarding. Through the skateboard culture R. Grimes was introduced to new art and music. During that time he was influenced by the strong visual language of the skateboard and punk rock community. These influences are apparent in his work today. Later, R. Grimes taught himself how to silk screen. In his late teens early twenties Grimes was simply producing punk rock patches and t-shirts for his friends and their bands. During this time R. Grimes developed a strong Do-It Yourself ethic. R. Grimes is a self taught artist whose methods of producing work would seem archaic to most people. He avoids the use of presses and other machines to produce his art and various projects. By minimizing the use of machinery Grimes preserves the human element in the art of creating. He also believes the more expensive it becomes to produce a piece of work the less personal it becomes. To this day, he uses the same method to produce his silk screens though other expedient and technologically advanced methods are available. The imagery R. Grimes produces in his work are strong, unapologetic and are aimed to speak to our time. His work speaks to a wide audience of various socioeconomic and demographic back grounds.

R. Grimes was late to begin showing his work in galleries. In 2002 he got his start in Objex Art Space once located in Miami, Fl. Since then Grimes has shown work abroad and across the country including, the Museum of Contemporary Art (Miami), Scion Space, Think Space, The Autopsy (Melbourne, Australia). His work has also been shown by some of the most respected curators including Roger Gastman and Francesco LoCastro. Recently, Grimes worked next to LoCastro during art Basel in Miami Beach to transform the South Florida Art Center into one of the most talked about art exhibits of the world’s biggest art fair. Furthermore, work by R. Grimes has been published in prominent publications such as Swindle magazine and Juxtapoz magazine.

Grimes is also known for his live performance where he brings his screen printing before an audience in an interactive environment. He started printing live in Miami, Fl in small clubs and various local events. Recently he has taken his version of live screen printing beyond the boundaries of his hometown. He has printed live at events including some for Swindle Magazine, Museum of Contemporary Art (Miami), and Juxtapoz Magazine. His performance has been seen in many cities, including, New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami.

Besides being involved in showing his art in galleries and printing live, R. Grimes operates a project he calls Faction. With Faction, Grimes defies the standards that have been set forth by the paradigm of mass production. All items produced under Faction are hand printed without the use of presses or machines. Most recently his project has been available in Urban Outfitters thus, making his work available to thousands of people.

Currently, R. Grimes resides in southern Florida with his wife and three year old son.

Retna from Southern California. Detailed bio to come.

Chris Yormick lives and works in New York City. Growing up, he bounced around coasts and settled his teen years outside of Washington D.C. In the nations capitol is where he cut his teeth on an unhealthy diet of skateboarding, graffiti, and harDCore music. A self taught artist and designer, he was also the art director for Skateboarder Magazine, éS skateboard footwear and worked for such clients as Def Jam and Comme De Garcons. The past four years Chris has weaned away from design and concentrated his time purely on art away from the computer. Chris has shown his work across the globe and is constantly working in ways to expand his vision and voice in the art world.

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