Friday, September 12, 2008

Living Legends x The Fillmore

West Coast indie-hoppers Living Legends are a lot of things: educational (Grouch), introspective (Scarub), and a little crazy (Murs). When they get together, the Cali boys are like your merciless older brother and his cutup friends: as entertaining as they are abrasive. Fresh off their latest effort, The Gathering, the eight-MC Legends gather tonight for a lyrically brolic throwdown. But if you think that your backpack and beanie spell immunity, you might be rudely awakened when Murs drops disses such as this nugget from "After Hours": "to all the hipsters, that shirt cost $60 and you just spilled catsup on it / Doesn't that suck?"


Price: $25
When: Monday Sep 15 (8pm)
Where: The Fillmore (1805 Geary Blvd), 415.346.6000

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