Friday, September 19, 2008

Augustine Kofie's new Zine

Compiled from a recent Summer trip to Kobe & Kyoto Japan, Shaseichou is a collection of field sketches, letter ways/ character studies, illustrations as well as collage. Shaseichou is ‘Notebook’ roughly translated in Japanese.

Technical details: - 14 pages - Edition of 50 - Cut & Paste/ Collage style set up (no photoshop) - All large fonts are Prestype 2 Rub On Letters: Bauhaus Demi Font - Signed & numbered - Found Hammermill Sentry security paper for front & rear cover -

Also includes a healthy bundle of new Baseball Card size screen printed Keep Drafting Stickers

$15 Domestic & International. Includes free shipping. Click on Kofie's link under Artists on the right and click on the "Store" on his website to order.



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