Saturday, June 02, 2007

May Guest of the Month

On May 4th, my cousin Ravi was in town for few days. It was a busy week so we didn't get a chance to do everything as it was originally planned. On Friday evenining, we all went to a nice dinner at King's Seafood restaurant in Corona.

After the dinner, we dropped off Mona and Asha at home and we headed off to Sunset Blvd. in L.A. The scene was pretty weak so we made our next stop at a reception party for an art show. There were a few familiar artists in the show like Shepard Fairey, Sage Vaughn & Chet Zar among the new comers.

I think Ravi had his eyes on this painting:

Overall, the art show wasn't bad minus the experimental music set. The highlight of the evening was Marisa Tomei. She was actually there at the show. I thought she was much taller but she's still an attractive lady. And of course she didn't dress up like the picture below but we were still stoked to see her.

The following morning, did some shopping with Ravi, drove down to the Grove in L.A. and picked up the painting below from David Flores' agent, Jeremy Kove, in Venice Beach. Jeremy is also one of the masterminds behind the Art Prostitute magazine and the gallery by the same name.

On Sunday, we had our departing meal at Urban Thai in Corona. I left to Boise and Mona drove Ravi to Irvine to meet up with his friends. It was quick but sweet week.

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