Saturday, September 22, 2007

Suitable 4 Framin' in Beautiful / Decay

This entry will be a review of the latest issue of the Beautiful/Decay magazine and a shameless self-promotion of my old 'zine, Suitable 4 Framin'.

The latest issue of Beautiful / Decay features a handful of artists who created psychedelic poster art in the 60's and 70's—or who still create it today—but being that Beautiful/Decay strives to take a unique approach with their themes, they chose a wide variety of artists and designers whose work might not be considered psychedelic, New Age or hippie-inspired at first glance, but who are still informed and influenced by the subculture, palette, and aesthetics of one of the most influential, yet hard to remember eras in our history.

120 pages, full color Perfect Bound. Available at Borders and other fine book stores.

And now for shameless self-promotion...if you filp to page 106 of this magazine, you will see a cover of the Suitable 4 Framin' #7. I was so stoked when I surprisingly saw my old 'zine in this fine art magazine. They did a six page article on street art/art zines and I guess they thought Suitable 4 Framin' was worthy enough to grace one of their pages. Now, I just might have to crank out another issue of Suitable 4 Framin'. Thank you, Beautiful / Decay.

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