Thursday, July 19, 2007

June 21st: Ray Dellosa

On June 21st, my brother in-law, Ray Dellosa came for a visit. Because both Mona and I were working on Thursday and Friday, we didn't get to spend the first two days with him. However, Mona was able to squeeze in a exclusive dinner with him at the local Japanese restaurant while I played mister mom at home with Asha. Saturday was the only full day to spend with Ray since he was leaving on Sunday. Our first stop was Santa Monica's 3rd Steet Prominade, Beach & Pier...

As you can see, it was really windy at the end of the pier but that didn't stop the fishermen below:

Because of Asha's fear of Sand and Water, we didn't go to the beach. But it's always packed on the weekends during the summer time. And no, "Reggaeton is still not hip hop".

I look so hot in this bikini:

Never mind this shot but Mr. Ray actually surfs. I can't imagine Ocean Beach in San Francisco is always so cold.

We ended our day in Westwood where we went to the Hammer Museum, grabbed some $1 for scoop of ice Cream from Thrifty's (best deal in town) and walked around the local streets. We didn't see any celebrities but they were still shooting a movie called "Pizza with Bullets". Here's Ray striking a pose behind two guys who were promoting a band scheduled to perform at the L.A. Film Festival on the same street.

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