Sunday, July 29, 2007

July 1st with the Deols

I think we were all very tired from all the walking around at the Santa Monica Beach & 3rd Street Prominade, yesterday. Today, we decided to take it easy since my sister and her family were driving back. We started the day by visiting a Gurdwara in a city called Walnut. Mona and I always passed by this Gurdwara but never had the opportunity to actually go in the temple. It was a hot day and we had some additional plans in L.A. so we didn't spend too much time in the temple. Here are some pictures from the Gurdwara:
Here's Asha watching people eat:

Whenever you enter any Sikh Temple, you have to remove your shoes and cover your head:

After spending approximately half hour at the Gurdawara, we took off to the Grove in L.A. We did a whole lot of window shopping and had a great lunch at the Farmer's Market:

After lunch, we relaxed on the Grove lawn while Asha and Amarita danced away to the tunes of local band.

...I had no idea Amarita was such a good dancer:

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