Sunday, July 29, 2007

July 1st with the Deols

I think we were all very tired from all the walking around at the Santa Monica Beach & 3rd Street Prominade, yesterday. Today, we decided to take it easy since my sister and her family were driving back. We started the day by visiting a Gurdwara in a city called Walnut. Mona and I always passed by this Gurdwara but never had the opportunity to actually go in the temple. It was a hot day and we had some additional plans in L.A. so we didn't spend too much time in the temple. Here are some pictures from the Gurdwara:
Here's Asha watching people eat:

Whenever you enter any Sikh Temple, you have to remove your shoes and cover your head:

After spending approximately half hour at the Gurdawara, we took off to the Grove in L.A. We did a whole lot of window shopping and had a great lunch at the Farmer's Market:

After lunch, we relaxed on the Grove lawn while Asha and Amarita danced away to the tunes of local band.

...I had no idea Amarita was such a good dancer:

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Late June: The Deols

In late June, my sister and her family were on vacation in San Diego but they decided to spend couple of days with us. It was their first time visiting us in Corona. Because they all ready visited all the amusements parks in the San Diego area, we decided to take them to the beach. Here are some pictures from the Santa Monica Beach.
My sister, Jasbir, and niece, Amarita:


This is the closest Asha will get to the water:

On the other hand, Amarita didn't want to leave:

And of course a group shot:

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

June 21st: Ray Dellosa

On June 21st, my brother in-law, Ray Dellosa came for a visit. Because both Mona and I were working on Thursday and Friday, we didn't get to spend the first two days with him. However, Mona was able to squeeze in a exclusive dinner with him at the local Japanese restaurant while I played mister mom at home with Asha. Saturday was the only full day to spend with Ray since he was leaving on Sunday. Our first stop was Santa Monica's 3rd Steet Prominade, Beach & Pier...

As you can see, it was really windy at the end of the pier but that didn't stop the fishermen below:

Because of Asha's fear of Sand and Water, we didn't go to the beach. But it's always packed on the weekends during the summer time. And no, "Reggaeton is still not hip hop".

I look so hot in this bikini:

Never mind this shot but Mr. Ray actually surfs. I can't imagine Ocean Beach in San Francisco is always so cold.

We ended our day in Westwood where we went to the Hammer Museum, grabbed some $1 for scoop of ice Cream from Thrifty's (best deal in town) and walked around the local streets. We didn't see any celebrities but they were still shooting a movie called "Pizza with Bullets". Here's Ray striking a pose behind two guys who were promoting a band scheduled to perform at the L.A. Film Festival on the same street.

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Memorial Day weekend

I think I skipped over the Memorial Day week entry, so here goes...

It was lonely weekend with Mona in the Bay Area visiting her family and her friend Julie who just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Sarah. I didn't have anything planned other than finishing up some office work. But on late Friday, one of my old friends e-mailed me about legendary East Coast graffiti artist Ewok being in town. Ewok was in town at the Munky King toy store to sign his limited edition Horslington figures on Saturday, May 26th. Only 300 of these figures were released to the West Coast so I had to get one. After standing in the line for close to one hour, I managed to buy two figures and had the boxes signed. Here are some pictures from that event...
When you're on the run like a natural born killer, you'll need a great disguise...

Got two of these puppies....

One for the home office and the other one for historical capsule...

Dang! This bigger than lifesize Sam Flores' Fatima statue cost $10,000. Wish I had the money and the space.

After leaving Munky King, I spent good two hours in the back allies of Melrose Avenue taking pictures of bombed trash compactors. May be Ansel Adams nightmare but I'm feeling it. Imagine this shot in 60 inches by 40 inches hanging at the LACMA. Let's make it happen...

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

June Guests of the Month

Earlier in June, we had the the pleasure of entertaining Cecile and her family. Because of their previous engagements, they were only able to spend the small portion of the evening. As always, Mona prepared a great meal along with some extras from the local Thai restaurant. Here are some photos from that memorable evening....
Group shot:

All the ladies and Luis:

Cecile with Asha, Luis & Louvelle:

Luis & Louvelle having a great time:

Young Lois Lane, Louvelle:

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